Hospitality Wellbeing and Development Promise

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Ensuring that team members are well-supported is fundamental to any successful businesses. This is particularly vital for the hospitality sector which, at its heart, is built on providing fantastic customer service, creating repeat visits and an exciting, enjoyable experience and drives social mobility in communities across the country.

It is therefore critical that jobs and careers are attractive for jobseekers and existing team members alike. To ensure success, retention is critical for upskilling the sector, and for retention to be delivered, team members must feel valued and supported within their workplace. In effect a positive focus on wellbeing within the workplace has been proven to boost productivity and reduce absenteeism. Creating such environments will deliver a sense of belonging, positively impacting on the mental and social health of team members.

To ensure success, a holistic approach must be taken. This in practice goes beyond a focus of the workplace, extending to an individual’s wider life.

This Promise seeks to act as signpost for both employers and their teams to access the necessary resources in existence to support best practice of wellbeing not only in the workplace, but also supporting individuals in their wider lives.  Providing such support will enable members of our industry to reach their full potential and ensure longevity for those within our sector.

Industry best practice suggests creating a business or team ethos is critical to promoting wellbeing and building retention. This could be linked to a specific cause or your local community.

The Promise is not an exhaustive, nor compulsory, list for businesses to comply with.

For Northern Ireland specific resources, more information can be found here.

We are committed to providing:


Respect for all team members, is a vital pillar in any business, particularly for the hospitality industry due to its social nature. Team members have the right to feel happy and supported within their place of work, attributes that are largely built on a foundation of respect.

A rewarding job and career, where team members are supported to be given the skills and opportunities for professional development. Businesses within the sector boast a range of remuneration packages, and opportunities for pathway growth.

The ability to enjoy a healthy lifestyle, first and foremost in the workplace, but also extending such support into the personal lives of team members, regarding their mental and physical health. Team members should have full access to supportive measures provided by businesses, for example through Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs).