What is the Promise?

The Hospitality and Tourism Skills Board has developed the Hospitality Wellbeing and Development Promise for the sector. This Promise sets out the key recommended steps for all employers in the sector to follow to help support employee wellbeing, focused on promoting employee development, mental health and wellbeing, and fair compensation. It provides guidance for employers on key areas such as tipping, flexible work, diversity and inclusion, and in-work progression, and is designed to galvanise action within the sector to achieve higher standards of employee wellbeing throughout the industry, helping to attract new applicants to the sector and improve retention.

How can I sign-up?

To sign-up, please complete the application form here.

How long does it take to be accredited?

Approvals will take place within five working days.

How much does it cost?

There is no cost involved to become a signatory. Once a business has been approved, all assets are free of charge.

What am I signing up for?

You are signing up to comply with the Promise, granting your business access to the resources, to share with team members, and also to provide guidance to managers on areas they may not currently provide support to team members on.

What does a business receive for signing up?

Once accredited, businesses will then receive various assets to showcase they have signed up to the Promise.

This will include a digital template poster, which can be shared with team members. We encourage this poster to be printed and displayed in staff-only areas.

A logo has been designed for the Promise which will be sent to businesses for them to display. This logo can also be displayed on your website to highlight to consumers the commitment to the development and wellbeing of team members.

Is there anything more that I as an employer can do to support my team members?

Businesses are encouraged to access additional resources available that will uplift the standards set, such as becoming a Living Wage Employer.

What is the governance procedure?

The Hospitality Wellbeing and Development Promise is governed by the trade organisations within the Hospitality and Tourism Skills Board, these are, UKHospitality, the British Beer and Pub Association, the British Institute of Innkeeping, and Hospitality Ulster. UKHospitality manages the signatory applications.

The content of the Promise will be reviewed on an annual basis, ensuring it is up to date with the latest advice and government guidance. This review will tie in with an annual renewal process, ensuring that businesses are fulfilling the requirements of the Promise and that team members are receiving the support they need. This will require signatories to reply to an automated email and complete a short form, which includes a prompt to confirm they are still upholding the expectations of the Promise a year on.

In the case of a dispute, whereby a team member believes their organisation is not fulfilling the pledges they have signed up to, UKHospitality will follow the procedure set out in the complaints mechanism outlined below.

What is the complaints mechanism?

In the case that a team member believes their employer who is a signatory is not upholding the standards of the Promise, a complaint can be lodged against said business. If the venue is part of a larger franchise, the complaint is only held against the single site operator. Upon receiving a complaint, the business in question will receive the complaint, anonymised, giving them the responsibility to redress the situation. When complaints are received, managers will be reminded of the resources available to provide team members with the support they need.

In the case that a single site received a high number of complaints, which they are failing to redress, an independent panel will be established to adjudicate on complaints and whether the business should lose accreditation. If you would like to make a complaint, please email/submit a form here