UK Hospitality Industries (“UKHI”, “Organisation”, “We”) are registered in England and Wales under
company number 11114077 and have our registered office at 6th Floor 10 Bloomsbury Way, London,
England, WC1A 2SL. UKHI are the domain holders for the Hospitality Wellbeing and Development

UKHI is a business-to-business membership that provides a unified voice for the hospitality sector
through lobbying, advice, support, guidance, representation and such. UKHI trades as ‘UKHospitality’.
The purpose of this privacy policy (the “Policy”) is to explain how we treat the data we collect/hold from
our members (approved signatories) who use our services. This is in accordance with the Data
Protection Act 2018- the UK’s implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Any
future amendments to this Policy will be communicated to you in due course.
We use the data we collect from you to improve our services. By doing so, we act as ‘Data Controllers’
and our team are ‘Data Processors’. We will:

  • Ensure your data is kept safe and private;
  • Not sell your data or pass to third-party organisations without your consent; And
  • Always give you ways to update/view your data;

How we use your data:
As per the Promise guidelines, we hold the obligation to contact you for the following reasons:

  • If your business is reported by a member of staff for not upholding the standards of the Promise, as outlined in the complaint’s mechanism of the website
  • Keeping you updated about the content of the Promise when amendments are made
  • Sharing assets and materials related to the Promise

Who has access to your data:
Employees of UKHI; that is to provide you with necessary updates to the Promise or if you have received
a complaint from an employee.

The data that we collect from you will be stored in accordance with the stipulations of the GDPR and will
be kept secure at all times.

How long we keep your data:
Your data will be stored on an auto-renewal contract, until the following occurs:
a) You no longer wish to be a signatory
b) High number of complaints are received from members of staff against your business, and you do not
show that action has been taken to follow the guidance set out in the Promise.